Saturday, June 5, 2010

REACTION by Lesley Choyce

The reaction to the announcement that a teenager is pregnant is fairly predictable.  In the case of Zach and Ashley, people react in the usual ways.  There is shock, disappointment, and the placing of blame.  What is not quite as predictable is Zach's reaction.

Zach feels especially guilty about Ashley's pregnancy.  Even though their relationship is only three months old, he has strong feelings about her and the fact that they could be parents in the near future.  He insists that he wants to be there for her so he is right by her side when she suggests going to the Planned Parenthood clinic to discuss their options.

The clinic presents the following three options: abortion, keeping and raising the baby themselves, or adoption.  Leah's reaction changes depending on the day.  She considers all three options at one time or another.  Zach's focus, however, continues to return to the option of keeping the baby and sharing the responsibility.

Author Lesley Choyce takes readers through the challenging decision process as the teens and their families adjust to their life-changing situation and all make their feelings known.  The path to a decision is not easy and the final outcome might even change, as Choyce uses the experiences of Zach and Leah to underline the fact that teen pregnancies impact many lives and all should be considered carefully.

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Breanna said...

Having been a pregnant teen myself I definitely want to read this one. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!