Thursday, June 24, 2010

FLYING FEET by James McCann

When he is not busy doing homework and getting straight A's, working with his ESL tutor, and acting as translator for his mother who doesn't speak English, Jinho is practicing tae kwon do.  He enjoys the physical activity and the discipline required by the sport.

Following his performance in a competitive event, Jinho is approached by a man who calls himself Austin.  Austin hints that he would be interested in having Jinho train and fight for him.  He leaves his business card and says he hopes to hear from Jinho.

Sensing that Austin is inviting him to become part of something illegal, Jinho is still inexplicably drawn to the offer.  He calls Austin and suddenly finds himself involved in MMA, but it is martial arts with no holds barred.  He survives what he later learns is a type of initiation beating and begins training with Austin.  Before he knows it, he is being offered fights that allow him to use moves he has formerly only dreamed of.

Jinho soon realizes that getting involved with Austin has him lying to his mother and his friends.  He is also suffering some of the worst physical injuries of his martial arts career.  Is this freestyle fighting worth the risk?  Is it possible to get out once he has become part of it?

FLYING FEET by James McCann is one of Orca Publishers newest sports collection titles.  It is filled with action and reads quickly.  There aren't a lot of martial arts stories out there, so this ought to help fill a void in teen fiction.

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