Wednesday, June 16, 2010

THE DEADLY SISTER by Eliot Schrefer

Abby has always been the perfect older sister.  She has protected Maya, been her alibi on countless occasions, and remained positive when everyone was ready to give up.  Now something has happened, and Abby may not have the power to save her little sister this time.

While out for a late night run, Abby stumbles across the body of Jefferson Andrews, the most popular guy in high school.  As she tries to wrap her head around the gruesome scene before her, she notices something familiar sticking out of the mud.  It is Maya's phone.  Yes, Abby had mentioned that Jefferson was going to be meeting up with some girl named Caitlin, but she was just trying to prepare Maya for the fact that she was simply his latest conquest in a long line of "love em and leave em" relationships.  How could she have predicted that Maya would follow him and ... she can hardly imagine it ... kill him?

From the moment Abby discovers the cell phone, she finds herself in a desperate race to cover for Maya.  Her younger sister's life has been off track for years now.  Through their parents' divorce and reconciliation, Maya has been causing nothing but trouble.  Her multiple piercings, refusal to go to school, experimentation with drugs, and her week long disappearances have frustrated and worried her parents until they have finally given up.  But now that Maya may be involved in a situation that could jeopardize her freedom and perhaps her life, Abby can't just sit back and do nothing.

What follows is a journey full of enough plot twists and turns to keep readers' heads spinning.  Abby is pulled in countless directions as she attempts to protect Maya, please her parents, and persuade the police investigators that her sister is innocent.  Is Maya the killer?  Could it be the victim's own brother or some other jealous ex-girlfriend?  Author Eliot Schrefer keeps his readers guessing right up to the end.  THE DEADLY SISTER is a perfect summer thriller.

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