Wednesday, June 2, 2010

GOING BOVINE by Libba Bray

When Cameron finds out he has Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, otherwise known as Mad Cow disease, he can't believe it.  Yes, his body has been doing some crazy things lately and his thinking processes have really been letting him down, but he was sure he just had a "bug" of some kind.  A little rest and an antibiotic or two and things should be just dandy.  Nope, the doctors are saying there's no cure and the end is just around the corner.

One of the major problems with this disease is that it does mess with your mind.  It's hard to tell what's real and what's some weird result of this thing that's eating away parts of his brain.  When Cameron starts seeing a pink-haired, punk rock angel whose tells him her name is Dulcie, he doesn't know if he should trust his naturally curious nature and go with the flow or close his eyes and pretend she doesn't exist. 

Once Cameron's illness lands him in the hospital, he is ready to try anything so he starts listening to Dulcie.  She seems to be telling him that it is his responsibility to save the world, and in the process, possibly find a cure and save his own life.  All he has to do is hook up with his new hospital roommate, a dwarf named Gonzo, and follow the clues.

Filled with crazy adventures and tons of humor, GOING BOVINE is an amazing roadtrip story different than anything you've ever read.  Libba Bray, known for A GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY and the rest of the Gemma Doyle Trilogy, has outdone herself.  Be sure to put this one on your summer reading list.

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