Monday, August 2, 2010


The orange sign above the scoreboard reads: "Welcome to Stuckey.  The Basketball Capital of Kansas.  Home of the Great Brett McGrew".  Folks, that's Stuckey, Kansas, population 334.  Their one claim to fame is a star NBA player. 

Kirby Nickel has grown up hearing all about Brett McGrew.  Kirby knows how important basketball is to everyone in his town, unfortunately, he can't play basketball.  Although he loves the sport, he is skinny and uncoordinated and completely lacks any recognizable athletic talent.  This is something that has really had him stumped ever since he found his baby photo album wrapped in Brett McGrew's #5 jersey.

Kirby lives with his grandmother.  He doesn't remember much about his mother, and he never even knew his father, however, his discovery has him convinced that the Great McGrew must be his father.  Now all he needs to do is prove it.  Some amazing news announced by the local school board just might give him the chance he has been waiting for.

According to school board president, Mrs. Zimmer, the seventh grade basketball team is invited to the Kansas University Jayhawks game where they will be retiring Brett McGrew's #5 jersey.  The only catch is she demands the team have a winning record before they attend the game honoring the hometown hero.  That could be a problem since their team is known for record losses, not record wins.  Kirby sees this as his one and only chance to meet McGrew and introduce himself as his long, lost son.

Kirby decides to join the team and hope for the best.  With his positive attitude and some strange new "uniforms", Kirby and his teammates are out to set a record and earn their way to the big Jayhawks game in Lawrence, Kansas.

Kansas author L.D. Harkrader has created a fun-filled basketball adventure about a group of misfits and their determined coach.  Middle grade readers will enjoy the excellent play-by-play action and the hilarious twists and turns as Kirby battles to claim his own place in Stuckey history.

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