Tuesday, August 24, 2010

EVERWILD by Neal Shusterman

Using the same cast of characters, plus some fascinating new ones, Neal Shusterman continues the adventures of EVERLOST. 

Nick now known as the Chocolate Ogre, Allie the Outcast, and Mary Hightower who has comfortably assumed her role as Sky Witch, are off on separate journeys.  Nick's is to find Afterlights ready to make their way to the end of that tunnel of light by holding the previously forbidden coin each possessed when they entered Everlost.  Allie is out to discover more about skinjacking on her way to find her family.  Mary wants to repopulate her airship with Afterlights and carry on what she believes is her mission to help them find the peaceful repetition she believes provides the only satisfactory reward in Everlost.

As each sets out on his/her individual mission, more and more of Everlost is revealed.  Vapors (groups) of Afterlights are everywhere, and each group has its own pace and personality.  The one constant Nick, Allie, and Mary hear repeated time after time is that there is an end to Everwild.  It stops at the Mississippi, and they are warned not to journey farther.

In EVERWILD Shusterman definitely takes EVERLOST to the next level with more complications as the characters battle forces and situations that threaten who they are and what they believe in.  It is sure to keep the attention of EVERLOST fans who will eagerly await the final installment whenever Shusterman has it ready.

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