Friday, August 20, 2010


I've been purchasing Tim Green's books for my classroom ever since I discovered them, but this is the first one I've read myself.  Now from firsthand experience, I can say they are an excellent pick for middle grade readers.

Call it ESP or some other psychic ability, but whatever it is, Troy White has it.  For as long as he can remember, he has been able to watch a football game and anticipate what the other team plans to do.  If only he could convince the people around him that his skill is for real, he might be able to help his own team win and maybe even the local pro team, the Falcons.  Unfortunately, his family and his two best friends are the only people who have faith in his talent.

Troy plays quarterback on a sixth grade football team.  Most of his time is spent on the bench because the coach's son is usually playing the quarterback position, and quite poorly, I might add.  As he sits on the bench, he watches and accurately predicts the moves of the opposing team.  When Troy finally gets a chance to play and doesn't listen to the coach's playing instructions, he finds himself running laps and riding the bench again.

When Troy's mom gets a PR job with the professional team, the Falcons, Troy's dream is to convince his favorite star player, Seth Halloway that he can help pull the team out of a losing slump.  Getting the attention of his favorite player and then getting past the team's hot-tempered defensive coach is much harder than Troy expected, and his attempts might even jeopardize his mother's new job.

Author Tim Green adds just the right amount of football action with just the right amount of fantastic fun to grab the attention of middle grade readers, especially boys.  I'd recommend this one to Matt Christopher fans looking for a more challenging read.

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