Saturday, August 14, 2010

LOVE IN THE PRESENT TENSE by Catherine Ryan Hyde

LOVE IN THE PRESENT TENSE by Catherine Ryan Hyde packs an emotionally whollop.  About the amazing power of love and the true meaning of family, it's a book I'm so glad I took the time to read.

Little Leonard loves his mother with what he calls "forever love", and that's no doubt that's what keeps him pressing on when she disappears.  He is filled with many happy memories and believes even though she is physically absent a part of her has remained to help him deal with whatever life sends his way.

One day Pearl leaves Leonard with her neighbor, a computer programmer named Mitch.  She never returns.  Having watched Leonard before, Mitch likes the little guy so slipping into the role of caregiver isn't difficult at all.  Several years pass with Mitch and Leonard becoming as close as father and son.  Mitch filled the role well with a strong emotional bond and by providing for Leonard's daily needs as well as medical care for his asthma and vision complications caused by his premature delivery. 

When Leonard turns seven, it is determined that maybe a more traditional home with both a mother and father would be best for the young boy.  Mitch makes the painful decision to turn over Leonard's care to a loving couple.  A strong connection remains between Leonard and Mitch, and both know they will reunite at some point.

The plot of this amazing story can't really be that simply expressed.  Hyde tells the story using the voices of several of her characters.  Readers are drawn into the deepest thoughts of Pearl, Mitch, and Leonard, but it isn't until the end that all the facts are revealed.  Through each character readers experience many variations of love and the impact and importance it plays in shaping the lives it touches.  Many boundaries are stretched and broken in LOVE IN THE PRESENT TENSE making it a vehicle that illustrates that love is perhaps one of the most powerful forces in life.

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Shannon said...

Sounds like a great book. I've added it to my Mount TBR.