Friday, August 6, 2010


Take an Australian rugby player and stick him in the middle of Texas high school football, and you have OUT OF HIS LEAGUE by Pat Flynn.

Austin "Ozzie" Eaton lives with his grandfather in the Australian outback.  He spends his days helping his grandfather on the farm and playing Rugby League.  He and his pals have dreams of playing professionally in Brisbane.  While waiting for this dream, Ozzie is offered the opportunity to travel to Texas as an international exchange student.

He arrives in Hope, Texas, and quickly learns that American football is the passion of the town.  As he watches the team in its pre-season practice sessions, Ozzie realizes he might have something to offer as a player.  His tackling skills impress the coach, and before he knows it, he is on the team.  When he suggests using rugby plays to spice up the 30 year old plays in the playbook, he is encouraged by both the coach and several of his fellow players.  He becomes an asset to the team and an admired part of the community.

OUT OF HIS LEAGUE captures the American high school football craze with excellent play-by-play action and the tradition of longtime arch rivals.  Ozzie's talent is appreciated by most, but causes some jealousy from other outstanding players.  Life is also complicated by a romantic connection that threatens the relationship Ozzie has with a girl back in Australia. 

Author Pat Flynn draws readers into the football action and into the experiences and emotions of a young man struggling to fit in far from home.  It's an excellent choice for guys, and most girls should find it a satisfying read as well.


Pat Flynn said...

Thanks for the nice review. I had fun writing Out of His League.
Our daughter, Lucy, was just born on Aug 6 so a doubly good day for me!
I enjoy your reviews and passion for books for young people.

Readingjunky said...

It was my pleasure to read and review OUT OF HIS LEAGUE. I'm excited to share it with my students.


PS - Happy Birthday wishes to your daughter, too.