Sunday, August 15, 2010

BRUISER by Neal Shusterman

Ever since reading Neal Shusterman's UNWIND, I've been a fan.  That book was fantastic!

BRUISER, Shusterman's latest, also doesn't disappoint.  It only took a couple of sentences to let me know I wasn't going to want to do anything but read until I had it finished.

Tennyson and Bronte are twins living fairly normal teen lives.  They suffer the usual sibling rivalry, yet are supportive of one another when it comes to the ups and downs of family and friends.  Currently, they are nervous about their parents deteriorating relationship.  Last year it was complicated by their father's affair, and this year their mother seems to be retaliating with an affair of her own.  Despite rocky times at home, they are managing to carry on.

Things change when Tennyson and Bronte become involved with a fellow high school student everyone calls Bruiser.  His real name is Brewster, and he has always been a loner.  Bronte begins to have a romantic interest in Brewster which puts him on her brother's radar.  Soon the twins are knee-deep in Brewster's strange and unusual life.

Brewster lives with his scruffy little brother and their hot-tempered uncle, and most of his classmates totally misunderstand his rough, unfriendly exterior.  It isn't until he meets Tennyson and Bronte that Brewster's secret life is revealed.  Now the problem is that having friends for the first time in his life might just kill him.

BRUISER is a book readers will not want to stop reading.  Filled with short chapters written in alternating voices, the pace never drags or threatens to be boring.  Get your hands on this one as soon as you can.

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