Sunday, August 8, 2010

DOG LOST by Ingrid Lee

In recent years pit bulls have been the center of controversy.  Between illegal dog fighting rings and unprovoked attacks on innocent victims, pit bulls have earned a bad reputation.  Is it the fault of the owners or of the breed itself?  These are questions without real answers, but author Ingrid Lee has written a heart-warming story about one pit bull that might change minds everywhere.  DOG LOST is a book no animal lover will want to miss.

Mackenzie is suddenly the owner of a dog.  A puppy named Cash is literally thrown at Mackenzie one night by his hot-tempered father.  He can hardly believe it, but one thing he does know is his father won't let him keep the dog if it doesn't behave.  Mackenzie immediately sets out to make Cash the perfect dog.

All goes well between boy and dog until the puppy makes the mistake of growling at Mackenzie's dad.  It was simply a protective gesture when Cash thought his young owner was in danger, but Mackenzie's dad reacts with violence.  He viciously kicks the dog and then goes a step further.  He grabs the animal, shoves her in the trunk of the car, and travels to a trash littered field at the edge of town and dumps the dog off. 

Still just a puppy, Cash is forced to quickly adapt to survive on her own.  Her new home is surrounded by hazards.  Everywhere she turns she is faced with physical danger as well as a lack of food and water.  She follows her instincts and manages to tough it out on her own.

Sprinkled throughout DOG LOST are instances of pit bull attacks, animal abuse, and all the political uproar caused by both.  Readers will no doubt connect to these stories, perhaps on a very personal level.  However they feel, they will admire the determination of both Mackenzie and Cash as they beat the odds in their efforts to reconnect.  Don't miss this emotion-packed little gem.

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dog lost is an awesome book.