Saturday, August 15, 2015

DEAR NOBODY: THE TRUE DIARY OF MARY ROSE edited by Gillian McCain & Legs McNeil

Dear Nobody: The True Diary of Mary Rose
DEAR NOBODY represents the real diary entries of a teenage girl, Mary Rose.  Left behind after her death, the entries chronicle her struggle with bullying, drugs and alcohol, and a fatal condition that guaranteed she wouldn't live beyond early adulthood.

The writing begins in late fall, 1996, and ends in 1999.  Early entries focus on Mary Rose's attempts to escape the pain and loneliness of her disease, cystic fibrosis.  Also, living with an alcoholic mother allowed Mary Rose more freedom than the average teen. 

Having no true friendships, Mary Rose often gravitated to larger groups such as the rowdy teens who hung out late into the night and partied with booze, pot, and harder drugs.  Participating in activities with these kids led Mary Rose down a rough path.  She found using drugs helped take her mind off family issues and her illness.  Of course, abusing alcohol and drugs was the last thing her body needed, and she was frequently hospitalized or sent to drug treatment programs.

Mary Rose writes of her hopes for a cure and her dreams of finding a boyfriend who truly loves her.  She does tell of several romantic relationships, however, the young men were more motivated by her willingness to have sex than by any real feelings for Mary Rose.

Readers interested in books by Ellen Hopkins or books like GO ASK ALICE will find DEAR NOBODY to their liking.  The raw, gritty words directly from this troubled teen make for disturbing yet fascinating reading.

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