Sunday, August 30, 2015

INTO THE DANGEROUS WORLD by Julie Chibbaro with art by JM Superville Sovak

Into the Dangerous World
Author Julie Chibbaro and her artist husband JM Superville Sovak team up to create this unique YA novel.  Filled with artistic references and bold artwork, INTO THE DANGEROUS WORLD features a teen determined to achieve fame as an artist.

Aurora's protected life in a rural commune suddenly comes to an end when her mentally unstable father sets fire to the group's home.  A frustrated artist, he dies in the flames he ignited, leaving his wife and two daughters homeless.  Aurora, Marilyn, and their mother move into one-room accommodations in New York City.  The girls start school as their mother tries to find a way for them to survive.

As Aurora explores her new world, she is fascinated by the graffiti she sees on almost every city surface.  She is inspired by the colorful tags and is determined to leave her own unique mark on the city.  Meeting Trey and his crew known as Noise Ink may give her the perfect opportunity to learn this new style.

Despite warnings from her mother and the owner of a local art supply store, Aurora starts running with the crew.  She follows them to back alleys, abandoned buildings, and even deep into the subway train tunnels as she creates art with spray cans, stencils, and paste.  All the while Aurora listens to the voice of her dead father hoping that she can live up to his expectations and become the artist he thought she could be.

INTO THE DANGEROUS WORLD focuses on an art form that most would consider acts of vandalism.  Seeing Aurora's appreciation of famous artists of the past, readers will realize that urban art like graffiti may have more value than first meets the eye. 

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