Sunday, August 9, 2015


fpoSet in an eating-disorder treatment center, PAPERWEIGHT is a realistic portrayal of teens dealing with conditions like anorexia and bulimia.  Stevie is seventeen.  The last year of her life has been focused on the loss of her brother Josh.  They were together in a car when a terrible accident claimed his life.

Stevie's problems with food started before the accident, but now she is using her eating disorder to control her feelings of guilt.  She is determined to avoid food until she eventually dies on the anniversary of her brother's death.  Her deteriorating physical condition has become obvious to her father so he has checking her into a 60 day treatment program.

Stevie doesn't want to successfully complete the treatment program.  Her goal doesn't include making friends and coming to terms with her eating disorder.  When she begins to bond with her roommate Ashley and connect with her treatment coach who she refers to as Shrink, conflicting emotions threaten to pull her over the edge even before the upcoming tragic anniversary.

Author Meg Haston realistically captures the complicated nature of eating disorders.  Since many who suffer from these conditions are caused by other underlying issues, treatment is tough and recovery is not a guarantee.  Readers will easily relate to Haston's true to life characters.

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