Tuesday, August 11, 2015

NO SUCH PERSON by Caroline B. Cooney

No Such Person
Two sisters - Miranda, age fifteen, in love with the family cottage on the Connecticut River, and Lander, age twenty-two, totally focused on med school until she meets Jason.

NO SUCH PERSON begins with excitement on the Connecticut River.  A ski boat tows its skier into the path of an oncoming river barge.  The skier disappears under the huge vessel.  The boat operator doesn't seem particularly upset about the accident as he arrives at the Allerdon's dock and immediately begins to flirt with Lander.

Miranda witnessed the skiing accident along with others in her vacation community, however, she noticed something the rest did not.  She is fairly certain that Jason, the driver of the boat, intentionally steered into the path of the barge.  When she suggests this theory, Lander quickly rejects it saying that Miranda is always exaggerating and creating drama where there is none.

When Lander is later arrested for murder, the entire community is shocked, and Miranda vows to prove that Jason is the real criminal.  What follows is a complicated, twisted adventure as the younger sister attempts to exonerate the older sister despite the odds stacked against both.

Veteran YA author Caroline B. Cooney's newest release is the perfect mystery for teen readers.  The third person narrative alternates between Lander's horrendous experience locked up and accused of murder and Miranda's investigation and attempt to find the real murderer.  Filled with a wide range of colorful characters, interesting use of social media, and the unique bond between siblings, NO SUCH PERSON is sure to captivate Cooney's already huge fan base.

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