Thursday, August 13, 2015

WILD AWAKE by Hilary T. Smith

Wild Awake
Having recently read and enjoyed A SENSE OF THE INFINITE by Hilary T. Smith, I thought I would try her first book.  WILD AWAKE did not disappoint.  Smith's writing flows smoothly and draws me in quickly.

Kiri is home alone while her parents are taking a dream cruise.  Her plans are to eat a little, sleep when necessary, and practice, practice, practice for her upcoming performance at the International Young Pianists' Showcase.  In her spare time she will rehearse with her best friend and bandmate Lukas for the Battle of the Bands.

What Kiri didn't plan for was finding out the truth about her sister's death years ago.  She was only ten when her sister when Sukey died in a "car accident."  Kiri learns the truth when a stranger calls saying he has some of Sukey's belongings.  Without her parents for moral support, and unable to confide in Lukas about the devastating news, Kiri turns to a huge, young man who goes by the nickname Skunk.

Author Hilary T. Smith deftly handles love, loss, and disappointment in WILD AWAKE.  Although, Kiri's beliefs about her sister are tested, the things she learns help her better understand her parents, her often distant older brother, and most importantly, herself.  Smith successfully crafted a real roller coaster of emotions.

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