Wednesday, August 5, 2015



The Last Time We Say Goodbye
I read a couple of books while visiting my daughter in Kansas.  Here are a few words about both.

THE LAST TIME WE SAY GOODBYE by Cynthia Hand is about Lex.  Her younger brother committed suicide and she is riddled with guilt.  She always promised she would be there for him, and when she ignored his text message, she fears she let him down in the worst possible way. 

Described as perfect for readers who liked THIRTEEN REASONS WHY and IF I STAY, it deals with love and loss and moving on.

Eden West

In EDEN WEST by Pete Hautman, Jacob barely remembers living in the World beyond the twelve square mile area known as Nodd, the land of Grace.  A religious based cult, Nodd is populated by believers who live life waiting for the End Days.  They believe that they will be transported directly to heaven while the rest of the World will end in destruction.

While patrolling the perimeter of Nodd, Jacob meets Lynna.  Having been raised on land adjacent to cult property, she has always been curious about life there so she strikes up a conversation with Jacob.  He finds her fascinating, and the two agree to meet again the next time Jacob is checking fences. 

Jacob finds this modern, mysterious girl interesting, and he begins to question his life in Nodd.  Is their leader being honest with his followers?  Is the outside world really such an evil place?  Spending time with Lynna seems to be worth the risk of angering the leader.

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