Sunday, July 26, 2015


The Third Twin
Lexi and Ava are identical twins.  They were adopted and raised by a wealthy restaurant owner.  Their father jets all over the globe donating millions to disadvantaged communities while the girls stay at home with their protective housekeeper. 

From an early age the twins played an interesting game.  If one or the other of them misbehaved, they teamed up to blame Alicia, a third sister they both imagined.  Alicia continued to developed as an imaginary character, and as the years passed, the game between the two sisters advanced as well.  Now as seniors in high school, whenever either sister wanted a bit of adventure, the persona of Alicia took over.

Ava used the character of Alicia frequently and encouraged the more reluctant Lexi to join in the fun.  There were strict rules about being Alicia.  One required that the girls had to take turns being the imaginary third twin, and while in character they were required to wear a gaudy, diamond encrusted "A" necklace.  Dating as Alicia was limited to five dates with the same guy, and there was an absolutely "no sex" policy, although, Lexi was fairly certain Ava didn't follow that last rule with regularity.

One afternoon Lexi sat at a coffee shop and was surprised when someone mistook her for Alicia.  Evidently this attractive, heart-throb of a guy had gone on a date with Ava while she was pretending to be Alicia.  Caught unaware, Lexi goes along with pretending to be Alicia, but wishes she could just be herself.

Things are getting complicated.  There is a murder, and evidence seems to point to Alicia.  But, how can that be, Alicia isn't real.  Or is she?  Could this childhood imaginary being created by two precocious little girls have turned into something tangible and decidedly evil?

THE THIRD TWIN by CJ Omololu is the perfect thriller.  It is a clever mystery that will have YA readers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

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