Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls
June lost her best friend to suicide.  Well, at least that's what everyone is saying happened.  Well, at least Delia used to be June's best friend.

Delia's death was announced at school.  Everyone was shocked.  The story that spreads is that Delia supposedly lit herself on fire in a shed in her backyard.  Since Delia always told June she was deathly afraid of fire, June is sure the story is wrong. 

Things become even more complicated when Ryan, June's boyfriend, and Jeremiah, Delia's boyfriend, have their own opinions about what really happened with Delia.  As June listens to both their theories, she isn't sure she believes anyone.

The plot quickly thickens and one mystery piles on top of another.  The twists and turns in this new release will captivate readers who enjoy a good mean girls type psychological thriller.

Author Lynn Weingarten takes SUICIDE NOTES FROM BEAUTIFUL GIRLS in unexpected directions and creates suspense through twisted, hypnotic relationships. 

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