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*I was able to read this ARC thanks to my generous neighbor who won it on Goodreads!
In A SENSE OF THE INFINITE, author Hilary T. Smith takes readers on a roller-coaster journey through Annabeth's senior year.  Smith truly captures the ups and downs of that tumultuous year.  Readers about to embark on the next step in life's adventure will see that relationships often change as hopes and dreams take different paths than originally planned.

Ever since Annabeth can remember, she and best friend Noe have been planning their future.  A trip to Paris and being roommates at college have topped their list after high school graduation.  Annabeth, the quiet one, has forever followed in the confident footsteps of Noe, but as Noe gets involved in a new romantic relationship and throws herself into gymnastics, Annabeth finds herself searching for something she didn't know she was missing.

A bit of newfound confidence has her dating for the first time.  It's a short-lived connection with handsome Oliver, but when she tries to share her new adventures with Noe, she feels a distance developing that leaves her saddened and confused.  It seems that the plans the two have made over the years are quickly eroding, and she begins to realize she may not be happy with the adjustments Noe expects.

An unexpected development in Annabeth's relationship with Oliver, a growing closeness she feels toward Noe's boyfriend, Steven, and shocking news about her absentee father have Annabeth questioning not only her future, but her present circumstances as well.  Can she find the courage to stand on her own two feet to make the important decisions she faces?  If she can't trust Noe anymore, just who can she trust?

Annabeth's senior year is filled with sometimes mind-boggling, non-stop action, but it is a guarantee that A SENSE OF THE INFINITE is sure to connect with many readers experiencing some of the same life-changing decisions in that last year before real life takes over.  This is a great page-turner for the beach this summer.

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