Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Calling Maggie May
As stated on the cover, "in the tradition of Go Ask Alice," CALLING MAGGIE MAY is said to be the actual diary left behind by a teenager whose life took a wrong turn.

Maggie May, feeling pressured by demanding parents and ignored by classmates, is searching for something more exciting in life.  Her days are filled with school, swim team, debate tournaments, and math team competitions.  At night she pours over homework and listens to her mother's nagging about better grades and college applications.  When Maggie meets Ada in the school restroom, her life changes.

Ada suggests a wardrobe change and a date with someone who will make Maggie May feel special.  The date is fabulous.  His name is Damon.  He takes her to dinner at the top of Seattle's Space Needle.  His fantastic kisses have her wanting more, and she loses her virginity in a fancy hotel room complete with room service breakfast the next morning.

Maggie May learns that Damon was actually a client, and Ada swears her to secrecy.  If Ada's handler, Miss Irma, finds out, she could lose her job.  Curious about a job that would involve someone as wonderful as Damon, Maggie May wants to know more, and soon she is skipping school to go on "dates" just like Ada.

The new clothes, the thrill of meeting each new customer, and the promise of substantial cash are all Maggie May needs to convince her that this is the life she has been looking for.  Her diary reveals the consequences of her choice all too soon, and readers will watch her life quickly crumble.

In gritty, emotional detail Maggie May's story of teen prostitution is revealed.  CALLING MAGGIE MAY is a compelling and powerful read.

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