Monday, July 20, 2015

HIT COUNT by Chris Lynch

fpoThis is it!  My favorite book of the summer!!  I was hooked right from the start and couldn't put it down.

As a freshman in high school, Arlo Brodie has dreams of being a standout player on the football team.  His older brother Lloyd has always been a role model, and they've spent countless hours working out together.  Arlo knows what it will take to be an outstanding linebacker, and he's willing to do just that.

Arlo's dad is supportive and no doubt shares Arlo's football dreams, however, Arlo's mom spends her time worrying about injuries, especially head injuries.  She has dedicated her time to research concussions and complications due to sports' head injuries for years and has amassed what Arlo and Lloyd refer to as "The File." 

When Arlo gets a taste of fame when he is moved up to varsity his sophomore year, his commitment to the game becomes an obsession.  He is training year round and focuses on becoming the best hitter ever.  By the time his junior year arrives, his dedication is so extreme his family, his friends, his girl friend, and even his coach begin to worry.  For Arlo, life is meaningless without a chance to hit, hit, hit, and when symptoms of serious injury begin to develop, he refuses to take heed.

Author Chris Lynch tells a compelling and powerful story of how one young man's obsession with football changes his life in a decidedly negative way.  The perfect combination of football action and personal life story make HIT COUNT a captivating read.  This is not just a sports story.  It has appeal for a wide range of readers and is a definite must read for both teens and adults.

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