Saturday, July 11, 2015

SERVANTS OF THE STORM by Delilah S. Dawson

Servants of the Storm

One year ago Dovey watched her best friend Carly get swept away by Hurricane Josephine.  Carly's body was recovered days later, and Dovey vaguely remembers the casket and the funeral for her dear friend.  Since then Dovey has been taking medication to keep calm and seeing a therapist to deal with nightmares and panic attacks.

Hating the way the pills make her feel, Dovey secretly stops taking them.  She is sure if she feels more like herself, she'll be able to start the healing necessary to carry on.  But, when she visits an old diner she and Carly used to frequent, she is believes she sees her friend appear and then exit quickly through the back door of the restaurant. 

Will she see Carly again if she returns to the diner?  Who will believe her?  As she rekindles her friendship with another childhood buddy, Baker, she hopes to gain his support in her search to learn the truth.  Baker fears Dovey's new risky behaviors are too dangerous for both of them.  As her determination to find Carly increases, Dovey begins to run into strange and questionable characters who suggest that there is a power at work beyond anything Dovey can imagine.

SERVANTS OF THE STORM is a psychological thriller that is best read with the lights on.  With a backdrop of historic Savannah, Georgia, the presence of mystery and evil abounds. 

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