Friday, July 17, 2015

O.K. IS GREAT written and illustrated by David Tiefenthaler

O.K. is Great
Otis Kalshwonkee, nickname O.K., is starting 7th grade at a new school.  He is determined to make a real name for himself that doesn't have the mediocre connotations that his nickname suggests.  He is sick of being stuck in the middle and average at best.

With the help of his new friend Leo, O.K. wants to find a way to stand out.  First, they pin their hopes and dreams for fame on their science fair creation, the Chemical Warfare Robotic Beast.  It's a sure-fire winner!  That is until it almost sets fire to the entire school.

His first day in gym class at Boykinville Middle/High School, O.K. gets a glimpse at what he decides will be his next attempt at fame -- the Boykinville Board of Beasts.  This amazing board boasts the record breaking accomplishments of past Boykinville athletes.  All he has to do is break one of the records.  Will it be for sit-ups, pull-ups, the mile run, or for the mysterious shuttle run?

What follows is a mad-cap adventure as O.K. and Leo train and put their athletic abilities to the test.  They will be faced with many obstacles such as mean girls, annoying siblings, a teacher/mom, and a demanding gym teacher/coach.  Readers will be entertained by the zany antics of likeable characters and also the spot-on illustrations provided by author David Tiefenthaler.  This book is perfect for middle grade readers looking to be entertained and also reassured that they are not alone if they are feeling overwhelmed by the ever increasing need to fit in and compete.

Note: Thanks go to author David Tiefenthaler for the review copy.

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David said...

Thanks for the kind words, RJ.

One of my favorite parts of the book is the Chemical Warfare Robotic Beast. I've tried the Mentos and Diet Coke explosion, and if you want to have some fun outside, you should try it too. I stress the outside part, because cleaning up a soda fountain that went off inside isn't fun. I know from experience...