Friday, July 3, 2015

DIME by E.R. Frank

fpoDime has been living in foster care for as long as she can remember.  Foster mother Janelle isn't bad as long as she's not drinking.  When Dime meets Daddy, she sees a chance to change things.

Daddy treats Dime kindly and takes her home with him.  She may have to sleep in the alcove in a sleeping bag and deal with two other moody, bossy girls, but Daddy is generous with food and clothes and even offers the kind words and gentle caresses Dime has been craving.

It doesn't take long for Dime to figure out what L.A. and Brandy do that allows them to return with fists full of money for Daddy.  She longs for Daddy's gentle touch and begins to want to please him in other ways.  By the time he suggests that she can have what she wants if she earns her keep on the street, she believes that is the only way to survive and avoid returning to live with the drunken Janelle.

The longer Dime works for Daddy, the more she wishes to be free.  She experiments with writing notes that might get the attention of someone willing to help her, but it isn't until a new recruit, eleven year old Lollipop, becomes pregnant that Dime sees her chance to leave.  Will leaving end her life of prostitution or perhaps just end her life?

Author E.R. Frank presents the ugly, gritty life of young girls enslaved by heartless, greedy pimps.  This look at human trafficking is a must read that will have readers looking more carefully at suspicious situations involving nervous-looking teen and pre-teen girls accompanied by imposing adults. 

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