Thursday, August 20, 2015

DEVIN RHODES IS DEAD by Jennifer Wolf Kam

Devin Rhodes Is Dead

When your best friend suddenly dies under suspicious circumstances, the guilt can be overwhelming.  Cass believes she may possess the secret to the death of her best friend Devin.  The problem is there is no one she can talk to about it. 

Devin's grieving mother would love to talk about it with Cass, but how can you admit to a dead girl's mother that you may have had something to do with her precious daughter's death. 

Cass's own mother is trying to convince Cass to get on with her life.  Yes, she should feel badly about Devin's death, but the best way to cope is to get back out there and create some new friendships.

Marcus seems to want to help Cass, but he is part of the reason she feels guilty about what happened.  If she hadn't been marveling about the fact that a boy actually liked her, she might have paid more attention to Devin in her time of need.

Author Jennifer Wolf Kam presents Cass's story in alternating chapters set Before and After Devin's death.  Cass's view of the events surrounding the loss of her best friend illustrate both the positive and negative power involved in friendship.  Coming to terms with death and learning to be comfortable about moving on is not an easy task.

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