Wednesday, August 17, 2016

ALL WE HAVE LEFT by Wendy Mills

All We Have Left
ALL WE HAVE LEFT by Wendy Mills is an emotionally moving novel honoring the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11. The majority of today's teens were not even born when the tragedy that changed the world happened. This new novel uniquely expresses how this tragic event brought terror into our lives.

Alia was in the south tower on the day it was struck by an airliner. She made the decision to be late to school so she could visit her father's office to plead her case. Despite her parents' objections, Alia was determined to get their approval to attend a special art program at NYU. She just needed to convince her father how important it was to her future dreams.

Jesse was only three years old when her brother Travis lost his life in the World Trade Center. His death tore apart her family, and she would give anything to learn more about him and somehow try to heal the wounds that have made her childhood so painful.

As Alia heads to her father's office, she notices an attractive, shaggy haired young man. His intentions seem questionable, but fate puts them together in an elevator at the exact time that the first plane hits.

Readers of ALL WE HAVE LEFT will feel the incredibly intense emotions of Alia and Travis as the events of 9/11 in the World Trade Center unfold. The connections between the two very different families speak to the many ways people experienced and reacted to the events of that historic day.

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