Monday, August 1, 2016


Daughters unto Devils
"Imagine Stephen King writing Little House on the Prairie." -- Cat Winters. When I saw this blurb on the front cover, I had to have it!

After a terrible winter in the mountains, Amanda's parents decide it is time to relocate their family of seven. On a trip to the nearby town for supplies, Amanda's father hears of prairie land available for settling. Told that there are even abandoned cabins empty and ready for resettling, he returns to their small, overcrowded cabin with news that they will be leaving immediately.

Amanda has mixed feelings about leaving the only home she has ever known. Having watched her sick mother give birth to a deaf and blind baby and being closed up in the cabin for months the previous winter had almost pushed Amanda over the edge.

Meeting a young man named Henry was the only thing that helped her recover. She fell in love with him and she thought he shared the same feelings until she discovered she was pregnant. How could she tell her family about her sinful behavior and the resulting baby on the way? The sudden decision to move and the need to pitch in to help the family meant that Amanda could avoid facing the truth of her current situation.

Travel was challenging, but the family made the trek without major mishap. They passed small cabins along the way but none were large enough. Finally, the perfect dwelling appeared, but as they approached there was an unbearable stench. Opening the door revealed the scene of some unthinkable event. Unable to imagine traveling any farther, Amanda's father insisted that he could make the building habitable so the family could settle there.

Readers will quickly realize that all is not quite right about Amanda and her family. Strange knocking on the window, the sounds of an infant crying, and odd happenings give the story an unnerving feel early on that increases with each passing chapter. DAUGHTERS UNTO DEVILS is the debut novel of author Amy Lukavics.

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