Saturday, August 27, 2016

BIGGIE by Derek E. Sullivan

Henry Abbott weighs in at 300+ pounds. That explains his nickname, Biggie.

Although he is the son and stepson of two well-known baseball players, Biggie avoids physical activity whenever possible. He is more comfortable hanging out online where he has tons of online friends. At school Biggie keeps a low profile by sitting in the back of the room and staying out of everyone's way.

Even at the gas station where Biggie works, he keeps it on the down low. He considers it a challenge to wait on the customers without actually speaking to them. There's only one customer Biggie wishes he could talk to. He has had a crush on Annabelle for as long as he can remember. He ignores the fact that she is not only a regular customer, but also a regular shoplifter.

Biggie finds himself the center of attention when his mother refuses to sign the form to excuse him from participating in phys ed. Coach places a wiffleball in Biggie's hand and sends him out to pitch. Biggie takes on the challenge and ends up throwing a shut out. Inspired by his success, he lets his younger brother talk him into trying out for the baseball team. After all Biggie has baseball in his blood so why not workout, get in shape, and maybe get Annabelle's attention.

Author Derek E. Sullivan tells the story of a social outcast determined to turn his life around. Losing weight, giving baseball a try, and coming out of his shell, Biggie shows how courage isn't always easy, but the end results may be worth it.

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