Thursday, August 11, 2016


Beautiful Music for Ugly Children
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A senior in high school, Elizabeth has only recently announced to her family and a few select friends that she was born a girl, but she is really a boy. Those who know the secret are being asked to call her/him Gabe.

One thing that has helped Gabe cope with the emotions of feeling born in the wrong body is music. Having John as a next door neighbor has been a dream come true. John is an old time DJ and his collection of vinyl, tapes, and CDs is massive. He recognizes Gabe's talent and arranges for him to host a late night show at the local station.

Dubbed Beautiful Music for Ugly Children, Gabe's show is an immediate success with followers calling themselves the Ugly Children Brigade. Since Gabe introduces himself as a male DJ, he gains some welcomed attention from the girls in the audience. He finds it flattering, although a bit uncomfortable, since his true feelings are for his lifelong friend Paige.

Unfortunately, the radio show also gains him some unwanted attention when someone recognizes him from school and outs him as not being a "real" guy. There are threats of violence against Gabe and his family as well as Paige and John. Now the question is whether his love of music and DJing is worth possible physical harm.

Author Kirstin Cronn-Mills combines the anxiety of sexual identity and the impact on family and friends with a constant flow of musical references. Readers will instantly bond with Gabe and root for him to find love and happiness.

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