Monday, August 15, 2016

THE FAT BOY CHRONICLES by Diane Lang & Michael Buchanan

The Fat Boy Chronicles
Based on a true story, THE FAT BOY CHRONICLES tells of Jimmy Winterpock, an overweight teen struggling to fit into high school.

Assigned to write in a journal for English class, Jimmy writes about his trials and tribulations as a fat kid. Fortunately, his family and church offer Jimmy support which enables him to deal with the bullying he encounters on a daily basis while at school.

Readers shouldn't worry that Jimmy's story is completely depressing. He also writes entries about a local murder and the plans his friend Paul makes to catch the murderer. Authors Diane Lang & Michael Buchanan paint a realistic picture of what it is like to be different in a world that values external beauty above all else.

Thank you to Sleeping Bear Press for the opportunity to read THE FAT BOY CHRONICLES.

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