Thursday, August 4, 2016

HOW IT ENDS by Catherine Lo

How It Ends
"There are two sides to every story."

Annie's mom died on Halloween years ago. Her father has since remarried and now she has a stepmother and stepsister and is starting the year in a new school.

Jessie's best friends, Courtney and Larissa, have become her worst enemies. She has survived the bullying that began in middle school, but it has taken its toll. Plagued by anxiety and an overprotective mother, Jessie just wishes she could find a new friend.

When Annie invites Jessie to eat with her at lunch, a true friendship begins to blossom. Although, their lives are completely opposite, they somehow click and begin hanging out together constantly. Annie finds Jessie's fairly normal family a great comfort, and Jessie finds that Annie's bold personality helps bring her out of her shell.

One close friend is enough for Jessie, but Annie's more outgoing behavior has her looking for more. She connects with Courtney and Larissa despite Jessie's frustration. In hopes of helping her new friend reconnect with old friends, Annie shares the secret of Jessie's anxiety and everything begins to crumble. Violated trusts threaten their exceptional relationship. Will they be able to recover or is there a line that can't be crossed?

Author Catherine Lo hit the perfect note with her story involving the anatomy of a friendship. Teen readers will find much to relate to in their own relationships. Lo's portrayal of high school drama and teen angst is spot on. I will definitely have readers in my classes interested in HOW IT ENDS.

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