Monday, August 22, 2016


The Smell of Other People's Houses
THE SMELL OF OTHER PEOPLE'S HOUSES is filled with fascinating characters each with unique life challenges. Author Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock does an amazing job developing her teen characters and making them relatable for her readers.

Ruth and her sister are shipped off to live with Gran when her father dies in a plane crash. Ruth clings to memories of home as she attempts to adjust to Gran's strict rules. It comes as no surprise that her first romantic relationship ends with an unplanned pregnancy.

Alyce loves her parents but their separation threatens to tear her apart. Thinking her own dreams need to be set aside to assure their happiness holds her back when she should be speaking up for herself.

Dora's good luck could open doors for her future, but family threatens to ruin everything. Should she really expect more out of life, or is she undeserving?

When Hank makes the decision to take his two brothers out of an abusive environment, he knows it won't be easy. Now with one brother missing, he must decide if he can risk turning to a stranger for help.

The four teens' lives intertwine as they face life's obstacles. Readers will quickly be drawn into circumstances that will have them cheering with, laughing with, and crying with Ruth, Alyce, Dora, and Hank. Although their lives are filled with struggle, they are filled with hope and inspiration.

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