Sunday, July 31, 2016


The Secret of the Scarab Beetle
*Thank you to Sleeping Bear Press for the opportunity to read THE SECRET OF THE SCARAB BEETLE by William Meyer.

Horace j. Edwards isn't particularly thrilled to be moving to Niles, Michigan. He has always loved visiting his grandparents' farm, but now that his grandfather is dead it just won't be the same.

With his parents busy dealing with Grandma and the farm, Horace tries to make the best of things at his new school. A bully named Seth sure doesn't make it easy, and being assigned a school project with Seth as a partner really stinks. But thanks to a mysterious gift from his grandfather, Horace may have the best project ever.

The gift of an Egyptian scarab beetle, a secret doorway that leads to another time and place, and learning that he is part of a secret order known as the Time Keepers just might make Horace one of the popular kids. That is if he can stay alive and rescue his new friends.

THE SECRET OF THE SCARAB BEETLE is Book #1 in Horace j. Edwards and the Time Keepers series. Author William Meyer combines his love of Ancient Egypt with non-stop adventure. This series is a sure winner for ages 8-12, especially boys.

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