Wednesday, July 6, 2016

AIR by Ryan Gattis

Grey Monroe finds himself suddenly transplanted from Colorado to Baltimore, Maryland. After witnessing his own mother's death, Grey is separated from his siblings and shipped off to live with his Aunt Blue.

Quickly befriended by a dare devil named Kurtis, Grey becomes part of a risk-taking group of Baltimore teens. When he's not following his aunt's strict rules and keeping his grades up at school, Grey is learning to ride dirt bikes with Kurtis and his gang. Already an accomplished BMX rider, dirt bike riding and stunting comes easily to Grey, and before he knows it, he has the nickname "Air" and his stunt videos are breaking viewing records on YouTube.

Although it is tough to stay in his aunt's good graces and ride with his new friends without getting caught by the cops, Grey seems to make it work. However, as the dare devils attempt more dangerous stunts, the cops are determined to shut them down. One wild ride ends with the death of a young rider named Akil. Grey and his friends are sure that Akil's death is the fault of the cops who supposedly have a "no chase" policy. As a way to honor their friend's tragic death, Grey and Kurtis vow to perform stunt videos to raise money to better the lives of the kids of Baltimore.

Grey knows his aunt will not approve of the dangerous tricks he and Kurtis are planning. But more important than staying out of trouble with his aunt, will Grey even survive the death-defying stunts?

Author Ryan Gattis combines wild dirt bike adventure with the struggle of inner city teens trying to make a name for themselves and remember their friend. Filled with emotion and daring, AIR's fast pace is sure to entertain teen readers. Gattis uses short chapters and a good mix of physical action and intense character interaction to grab readers and keep them turning pages to the exciting conclusion.

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