Tuesday, July 26, 2016

THE TRAGIC AGE by Stephen Metcalfe

The Tragic Age: A Novel
*Copy courtesy of my neighbor and her great ability to win books from Goodreads!

Billy Kinsey doesn't remember much about life before his father won 37 million dollars in the California lottery. The winnings paid for a luxurious house and all the trimmings in a gated community, but it didn't win Billy a new guilt-free life.

What Billy does remember is his failed attempt to save his twin sister's life. It didn't matter that he was a terrific bone marrow match, Dorie died anyway. Now despite the fancy neighborhood and plenty of money, Billy can't seem to sleep more than an hour or two at a time in the fancy house because Dorie is haunting his dreams.

Billy's grades show him to be an average student, but he makes it a point to fly under the radar. A loner, he doesn't attend high school parties and has little interest in sporting events. He has found life is easier if he doesn't get involved.

Things change the day Billy meets Twom Twomey, pronounced "Tomb." Twom is a bit of a rebel who challenges Billy to come out of his shell. Soon Billy finds himself involved with Twom and his sexy girl friend Deliza and another misfit named Ephraim. Billy also reconnects with Dorie's best friend, Gretchen Quinn. Will joining forces with this crazy group encourage Billy to rejoin the living and have some fun, or will that fun take a tragic turn and plunge him even more deeply into guilt and despair?

THE TRAGIC AGE is the YA debut for author Stephen Metcalfe. His fully developed characters, smooth style, and intense plot are all reasons to keep an eye on what he might have to offer next. I know teens that are going to love this one.

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