Monday, July 18, 2016

THE SCULPTOR by Scott McCloud

The Sculptor
Graphic novels have my attention this summer. I've been collecting them for my classroom over the past year, and now I'm trying to catch up on reading them.

THE SCULPTOR by Scott McCloud comes in at a hefty 488 pages, and due to the higher quality paper used for many graphic novels, it is definitely "hefty." I found it a quick read because McCloud grabbed my attention in the first handful of pages and kept things rolling at a perfect pace.

David Smith wants nothing more than to be a famous sculptor. Growing up around art and artistic people, he developed his talent but it seems his work in never in the right place at the right time. His obsession with being famous and remembered for years to come drives him to make a deal with Death. David is given 200 days to leave his mark on the art world. Death gives him the ability to form sculptures with his bare hands but tells him his life will end whether or not he achieves his goal in 200 days.

Down on his luck financially, things are difficult for David. Meeting a beautiful young woman named Meg takes David's focus away from his art. Although she encourages him in his goal, his love for her threatens to derail his plans for fame.

Author Scott McCloud's powerful artwork combined with imaginative dialogue making THE SCULPTOR a fascinating read. I would offer a bit of caution that this graphic novel is best suited for age 16 and up due to sexually suggestive content.

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