Saturday, July 16, 2016


Justin #1
Welcome to a new series - BLACK TOP! At just under 150 pages and priced at $6.99, JUSTIN is the first book in this fast-paced basketball series. Book #2, JANAE, is also available with book #3 due out in January.

Justin lives with his mom and stepdad. Not a bad kid, he is easily influenced by the tough guys in his less than desirable neighborhood. Watching the pickup games at Bushrod, Justin dreams of playing on his own team.

Tall and lean, Justin looks like a basketball player and he thinks like a player, unfortunately, he doesn't really have the moves of a player. He is sure that if he practices and has the right team around him, he could be good.

When news that the infamous Ghosttown team might be looking for a game, Justin is determined to find enough players to fill out a team. He convinces his friend Frank to join him in the search. They end up with Adrian, White Mike, and surprisingly, a girl named Janae. Now the game is on. Will they win or will Ghosttown wipe up the court with the inexperienced, young team?

Debut author LJ Alonge uses his own experience to inspire the games and characters described in his new BLACK TOP series. Perfect for reluctant readers as well as basketball fans, each book ends in a cliffhanger that leads into the next exciting story.

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