Friday, July 15, 2016


Every Exquisite Thing
Matthew Quick's unique message comes through clearly in his newest book, EVERY EXQUISITE THING. Quick's books never disappoint me, and this one is no exception.

Nanette O'Hare is every parent's dream. Good grades, star soccer player with college scholarship potential, and not into high school partying or at-risk behavior. Life seems to be steaming along just fine for everyone but Nanette.

A bit unsure about her place in the world, Nanette often spends her lunches with a favorite teacher hoping to gain some insight into what her future holds. When the teacher hands her a worn copy of a strange, out-of-print book called The Bubblegum Reaper, her life begins to make a sort of mixed up sense.

In search of her true self, Nanette locates the author of the mysterious book, Nigel Booker. Booker gives her much to think about and also introduces her to Alex. Alex is also fascinated with Booker's novel, and the two teens bond over the unique piece of fiction. Inspired by the book, they experiment in rebellious behavior that takes them far from the straight and narrow of their normal lives.

In EVERY EXQUISITE THING author Matthew Quick lets teen readers know that there aren't always pat answers for the questions that threaten to overwhelm them. Nanette's rocky journey reveals that following the expected path isn't always the most satisfying, but it takes a brave soul to decide to head into uncharted territory.

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