Saturday, July 30, 2016

THE GIRL I USED TO BE by April Henry

The Girl I Used to Be
Author April Henry is a master of YA mystery. The action begins on page one and the suspense never quits. THE GIRL I USED TO BE is her latest novel.

Seventeen year old Olivia had grown up under the impression that it was her father who stabbed her mother nineteen times. When she hears that evidence has surfaced revealing her father most likely died that same winter day years ago, she knows she must find out the truth.

Olivia spent several brief years living with her grandmother before the woman's death of a heart attack. After that Olivia was shuffled from one foster home to another. Now an emancipated minor with her GED, Olivia is free to travel to Medford to track down the killer who robbed her of her parents.

Having long ago changed her name, Olivia discovers that she has also changed enough physically that she is able to return to the small town to begin looking for answers without anyone recognizing her. She settles in and immediately clues begin to surface.

THE GIRL I USED TO BE is a thrilling page-turner. April Henry's painstaking research and actual reenactments make the details of the Olivia's story totally believable. Henry's fans will love it, and she will make many new ones when readers check out THE GIRL I USED TO BE.

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