Friday, July 22, 2016

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR by Phil Bildner

Rookie of the Year
ROOKIE OF THE YEAR by Phil Bildner is Book #2 in the Rip & Red series. Mr. Acevedo's students are at it again.

Rip and Red welcome a new classmate, Tiki. Red is impressed, but Rip wants to reserve judgement, especially when Tiki threatens to take his position on the Clifton United basketball team.

Mr. Acevedo is still popular as a teacher. His daily Community Circle and anti-worksheet approach may seem unproductive to other staff members, but his students continue to thrive and become independent thinkers.

Financial problems continue to plague the school. An area of great concern to the students is the dismissal of the Lunch Bunch cafeteria ladies since the school has switched to a new food service complete with lunches that most kids don't think includes actual food. Rip and Red and friends come up with a plan to expose the awful food and the unfriendly new lunch workers. Tiki suggests the plan's name should be Operation Food Fight. It's risky, but the end result should be worth it.

Basketball also plays an important role in ROOKIE OF THE YEAR. Clifton United is determined to win all their games this year, and Mr. Acevedo has a new game plan to help make that happen.

Author Phil Bildner has another hit on his hands. Combining fast-paced action for young readers and school problems teachers can relate to, make ROOKIE OF THE YEAR a sure winner for students and classroom libraries. Be sure to check it out along with Book #1, A WHOLE NEW BALL GAME.

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