Thursday, July 14, 2016

CAMO GIRL by Kekla Magoon

Camo Girl
THE ROCK AND THE RIVER by Kekla Magoon is one of my favorite books. I recently have seen readers mentioning CAMO GIRL and decided to check it out.

Ella, Z, and Millie were close friends in elementary school. Things have changed recently for Z, and Ella finds herself his sole friend. As seventh grade begins, Millie starts steering clear of Ella and Z. She sits next to Ella on the bus, but once they arrive at school, Millie joins another circle of friends.

Ella has always been Z's defender. He refers to Ella as Milady and himself as a knight. His fantasy world has taken over his daily life causing his classmates to endlessly tease and taunt him.

At the same time Ella has her own problems. She lives with her mother and grandmother, although, her mother's job only allows her to be home three days out of every seven. A skin condition involving the pigment of Ella's skin makes her the target for almost as much teasing as Z. The nickname Camo Girl haunts her every day.

When new kid Bailey James arrives, Ella rejoices that she will no longer be the only black kid in the school. Discovering that he also lives nearby, makes life even better. Unfortunately, Z doesn't understand the new friendship developing between Ella and Bailey. Will Ella be forced to choose or can she find a way to help Z feel comfortable around Bailey? It may be a problem that she can't solve on her own.

CAMO GIRL is perfect for middle grade readers. There are many opportunities for great group discussion as readers learn about Ella's troubles.

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