Friday, October 16, 2009


Will Carter, everyone calls him Carter, is about to start his freshman year, and he doesn't know if he is ready. He knows he's ready to have more freedom and meet some hot high school girls, but he's got some problems that just might get in the way of a successful high school debut. Carter has an occasional stuttering problem and he suffers from ADD.

Carter is not entering the high school world alone. His friends, EJ, Bag, Hormone, and Nutt are there to support him. Not that they are more experienced with how to be cool or how to handle hot chicks, but at least they are all in the same leaky boat about to set sail in uncharted waters.

As the final weeks of summer are winding down, signs are not exactly pointing to a trouble free entry into ninth grade. A mishap at the local pool almost earns Carter the new nickname of Slappy when he nearly kills himself attempting a gainer off the high dive. His life is also in danger when his effort to bulk-up for football ends with a hundred and fifteen pound barbell crashing onto his chest. Fortunately, upperclassman and football star, Nick Brock, shows up in time to lift the weight with one hand to unpin Carter.

One hilarious and often humiliating event follows another in this all-too-real account of one teenager's freshman year. There's dating advice from an older sister, the first high school party, the pressure of team sports, dating and dances, and managing ADD enough to deal with classes and homework. Carter is a good kid attempting to make good choices but having practically every situation backfire causing enough confusion and frustration to crush even the most determined among us. However, Carter valiantly carries on, learning important life lessons that help him understand and value himself and others.

In CARTER FINALLY GETS IT author Brent Crawford has created a high school experience that will have readers laughing out loud and nodding in agreement. Carter’s high school adventures are hilariously familiar for those who have already experienced the memorable high school years, and hopefully reassuring for those about to enter that life-changing phase. Crawford's great storytelling and non-stop humor hooked this reader by the end of the first chapter and made this the funniest book I've read in a long time.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! There are sharing the same "leaky boat" everyone finds themselves sailing in.

Anonymous said...

this is honostly my favorite book cant wait to read Carters Big Break!