Wednesday, April 28, 2010

BLOB by Frieda Wishinsky

After working all summer at an unpleasant job in a convenience store, Eve is about ready to start high school carrying some unwanted weight.  Fast food and junk food were plentiful in a convenience store, and Eve ate her fair share.  Now she is barely fitting into her baggiest jeans and raiding her father's closet for shirts that will cover up her bulging tummy.

On the first day of school, Eve overhears Zoe describing her as a "blob".  It's upsetting but mostly because Eve realizes she might be right. 

Using the wonderful world of the internet, Eve finds a diet that looks promising.  Day 1 - eat as much fruit as you want.  Day 2 - eat as many veggies as you want.  It doesn't look too bad until Day 4 - eat only bananas and drink milk.  Eve thinks bananas are ok, but she hates milk.  She gives the diet a try, but all she thinks about is food, food, and more food.  When she finds herself beginning to cheat, she gives up.

Can her mother's compliments and encouragement keep her on track?  Maybe joining the Mentor Club will give her the incentive to lose those unwanted pounds. 

BLOB by Frieda Wishinsky examines a very common struggle.  Everyone seems to battle the issue of weight at least once in their life.  Teens are especially vulnerable to the peer pressure associated with looking just right.  Wishinsky's character feels the frustration of dieting but learns to handle her situation in a healthy way, both physically and mentally.  She provides teens with a positive role model for dealing with a weight issue.


frieda said...

Thanks for the fun review. Frieda Wishinsky (author of BLOB)

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Thank you for stopping by to check it out, Frieda.