Thursday, April 8, 2010

SPLIT by Stefan Petrucha


This book is going to be popular with readers into computers, future technology, secret spy missions, and music.  In other words, many readers are going to like SPLIT by Stefan Petrucha.

Wade's life has been split by the death of his mother and the gradually deteriorating relationship with his father.  Part of him wants to continue being the good student, straight arrow that his mother would be proud of, but the other part of him would like to escape into a world of music and carefree living.

SPLIT is a direct reflection of Wade's two very different worlds.  Written from two perspectives - the Wade who hangs out at The Rat and thinks about his music 24/7, and the Wade who focuses on his high-tech interests and becoming successful - gives this book a unique plot.  The catch is that both Wades become involved in the same criminal conspiracy.  These parallel stories offer plenty of action, CIA-type intrigue, and dangerous rendezvous situations that make it a fun, fast read.

This is my first exposure to author Stefan Petrucha, but I'll be looking for more of his work on my next trip to the bookstore.

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