Saturday, April 10, 2010

BOOK #3 - CHELSEY by Chelsey Shannon

CHELSEY is the last book I'm reading in the Louder Than Words series. 

Chelsey Shannon lost her mother to cancer years ago, and since then it has just been she and her father against the world.  Their already positive relationship became even more important as they struggled to overcome tragedy.

Now Chelsey is fighting the same battle, but this time she is alone.  Just before her fourteenth birthday, her father is shot and killed by a burglar.  His senseless death changes Chelsey's life forever.  Now an orphan, she must find a place with one of her remaining relatives and try to carry on. 

Chelsey tells the story of the grief and gradual recovery process as she leaves her family home, adjusts to a new school and life with her aunt.  There are definitely difficult stretches, but Chelsey optimistically describes the new and different things she discovers about herself and her abilities as she moves on with her new life.

I would still say that I enjoyed MARNI the best of the three books in this series, but they all have strengths that make them excellent for teens.  Another reader mentioned there will soon be a 4th book available in the series.

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