Friday, April 9, 2010

PAPER DAUGHTER by Jeanette Ingold

Her father would be so proud; at least that's what Maggie Chen hopes.  He was a great newspaper reporter, and now Maggie has a coveted intern position at a local newspaper. 

It hasn't been a year since Maggie's father, Steven Chen, was killed by a hit and run driver.  The story is that he was lost and attempting to find his way home from a reporting assignment.  Now Maggie has a chance to move on and focus on something productive and at the same time follow in her father's reporter footsteps.

Her mother, busy teaching at the local university, thinks Maggie should relax this summer and have fun.  She doesn't seem to want to listen as Maggie tells her how much this internship means, and besides, her friends are all off having their own summer experiences and aren't available to hang out.  As she heads off for her first day, she hopes this summer will open new doors and help her feel even closer to her father.

The first day on the job doesn't go well, but Maggie is determined to prove herself.  Her hard work pays off when she is sent on assignment with another reporter.  Together they begin to unravel a mystery at city hall involving the planning commission and a contractor who may have connections to an unsolved murder.  The catch is Maggie's father seems to be connected, too.

Author of PAPER DAUGHTER, Jeanette Ingold, creates a story-within-a-story.  Maggie Chen is excited to prove herself as a future news reporter, and at the same time readers learn about her father's possible secret past.  As the current scandal in city government is uncovered, another mystery makes itself known.

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