Monday, August 12, 2013

ARTICHOKE'S HEART by Suzanne Supplee

Rosemary's mother owns and operates Heavenly Hair salon in Spring Hill, Tennessee.  It is where all the ladies come to get their hair done, to get their nails done, and to get the latest gossip.  Rosemary helps out in the salon but tries to keep a low profile which isn't easy since she weighs 200 pounds. 

Everyone has an opinion about Rosemary's weight.  Her mother spent $700 on a treadmill, and her aunt insists that weight loss isn't difficult if she just applies herself.  Rosemary does apply herself at school where her grades are exemplary and her pleasant attitude is appreciated by the teachers.  She would like things to be different, but she has always turned to food for comfort.

Over the holidays Rosemary's eating threatens to take her over the 200 pound mark.  She knows she needs to make a change, and she desperately wants to impress Kyle Cox.  She is fairly certain he has glance her way several times recently, and possibly even smiled.  At the urging of the cashier at the drugstore, Rosemary purchases a diet plan that includes shakes and snack bars guaranteed to melt away the pounds.

Rosemary's battle with her weight is almost derailed when her mother is diagnosed with cancer.  With the help of a new friend, the hunky football player, and an understanding therapist, Rosemary muddles through to take charge of her life and become the girl she has always wanted to be.

Author Suzanne Supplee combines humor and determination to create an inspirational story that will speak to many teens.

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