Thursday, August 29, 2013


This new series by writing team Lex Hrabe and Thomas Voorhies is being compared to THE HUNGER GAMES and LORD OF THE FLIES.  I'm sure that alone will be attractive enough for many readers.

McKinley High is like most high schools.  A busy place teaming with students representing high schoolers everywhere.  When a huge explosion rocks one of the wings of the massive, three story school, it becomes anything but normal.

Within minutes of the explosion, all the adults die.  Their deaths are painful and gory as a mysterious virus attacks their bodies causing convulsions as they vomit up their own organs.  The school is quickly quarantined confining all the students to any areas not destroyed by the explosion.  In a few short weeks the school becomes a community of teens surviving on food and other supplies dropped through a containment dome.  They soon create little communities identifying each other by wild hair dye colors.  There are the popular kids, the pretty girls, the skaters, the freaks, and more.  As each group fends for themselves and attempts to protect their possessions, a year quickly passes.

Not given much information from the outside, the students do learn that the deadly virus gradually neutralizes as students reach the age of eighteen.  A testing station is set up by those on the outside that verifies the absence of the virus in older students so they are allowed to "graduate" and return to the outside world.  Two brothers, David and Will, are hoping to survive until they can return to their former lives, but life inside the school is a cutthroat situation.

QUARANTINE: THE LONERS is filled with non-stop action in a world teen readers will find frighteningly familiar.  Fans will be glad to know #2, QUARANTINE: THE SAINTS is already available.

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