Saturday, August 31, 2013


It is a fact, Colette lies.  In fact, she lies all the time.  Maybe it's because her mother is a famous actress and once people find out, they don't have any interest in Colette, or maybe it's just because adding embellishments to real life makes it more exciting.  Whatever the reason, just remember, it's better not to believe a word Colette says.

When the story starts, Colette and her little brother Will, are headed off for a summer on location for their mother's latest movie.  The original plans were a trip to Paris where Colette expected to hangout with friends, and her brother had hoped to climb the Eiffel Tower, but plans change.  Colette's mother wants them to be with her so they are headed north to a sleepy town where Colette will spend the summer babysitting for Will while they wait around to spend time with their mother whenever she can spare a minute or two.

Fifteen year old Colette doesn't mind spending time with her little brother.  He is smart as a whip, and his cute smile and little lisp make him endearing to everyone he meets.  The problem is that Colette meets Connor, and when you've met the most gorgeous boy on the planet, having your little brother tagging along can really complicate things.  Telling a harmless fib once in a while seems perfectly innocent if it means getting some time alone with Connor.  But, when Colette becomes the victim of someone else's lies, she comes to the conclusion that honesty is the best policy.

Fans of Sonya Sones will be flocking to bookstores and libraries for this new novel.  Written in verse like her other best sellers, TO BE PERFECTLY HONEST is a quick read I found difficult to put down.  Although the plot is fairly predictable and a tad goofy at times, I was drawn in by Colette and little Will and wanted to know that things all worked out for them.  I'm sure there will be a waiting list for this one in my classroom.

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